Thursday, August 25, 2011

Living on memories part 1

Fifty-one years ago, after only being acquainted for four days, my parents were married  in Las Vegas at The Little Chapel Around the Corner. After two years of marriage, they began a family. Being that my father was in the Air Force, they were stationed in various places around the world and within the states. Their memories began in New Jersey they then moved to North Carolina where my brother was born, then over to the other side of the globe to Japan where I was born, on to the great state of Texas, then onward to California where my brother, mother and I lived in Bakersfield while my father was stationed in Vietnam, then on to Sacramento where my sister was born, and then they  finally settled in Stockton after my father retired from the service.
They made many wonderful memories together as a couple and as a family. Now my loving mother has been diagnosed with dementia at 72 years young. Her diagnosis has had a devastating affect on my father, myself, and my siblings. We are now living on the memories we had with her before her diagnosis. I want to share some of those memories within the next few entries along with links to sites about dementia and Alzheimer's in hopes that the information will help others whose loved one has been diagnosed with one of these debilitating

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