Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Living on Memories Part II

 A great deal has changed since my first posting about my mother's dementia. My mother was having hallucinations, paranoia, outbursts of anger, and confusion. I am happy to state that the paranoia and outbursts of anger have vanished, but she still gets confused and hallucinates at times.  She will become confused about the events of the day and hallucinates about people on t.v. being patients at the rehabilitation hospital where she is a patient.

Her short term memory is nearly non-existent. Surprisingly though, she can remember quite a lot of facts from years ago. My mother still knows who we all are, but she never asks about how we are doing like she used to and it is very difficult to have a conversation with her.

Even though she will never be the same mom I used to have, she is still here with us and for that I am very thankful.